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CHE 111: General Chemistry I

Chapter 11: States of Matter: Liquids & Solids

Reading Assignment:

Ebbing & Gammon (6th ed) - Pages 438 - 490


Be knowledgeable about and capable of working problems in the following areas:

  • Phase Transitions: Vapor Pressure
  • Boiling Point & Melting Point
  • Phase diagrams
  • Properties of liquids
  • Intermolecular forces
  • Types of solids
  • Crystalline solids

    Problem Assignment:

    The following problems should be worked to assist you in meeting the Chapter Objectives.

    6th edition:

  • Solve Problem 11.55 (p.494)
  • Solve Problem 11.68 (p.495)

    5th edition:

  • Solve Problem 11.45 (p.484)
  • Solve Problem 11.58 (p.484)

    Tutorial Links

    Notes on Liquids & Solids (Ralph Logan's Page)

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