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Faculty: Jimmy Westlake

Department: Science

Contact Information: 970-870-4537

View video clip of Jimmy on WB Channel 2 News (very large 4 minute movie, requires QuickTime)

Education: M.S. Astronomy, Louisiana State University; B.S., Astronomy and Physics, Valdosta State University; BS, Psychology, University of Alaska Anchorage; 15 years instructor and director of Rollins Planetarium at Young Harris College; award winning astro-photographer.


  • Astronomy 101 (Intro to Astronomy I)
  • Astronomy 102 (Intro to Astronomy II)
  • Astronomy 101 (TeleWeb Intro to Astronomy I)
  • Astronomy 102 (TeleWeb Intro to Astronomy II)
  • Physics 105 (Conceptual Physics)
  • Physics 111 (Algebra Based I)
  • Physics 112 (Algebra Based II)
  • Physics 211 (Calculus Based I)
  • Physics 212 (Calculus Based II)
  • Chemistry 101 (TeleWeb Intro to Chemistry I)

Campus Activities: Advisor of the Sky Club

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