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Kathy Kiser MillerFaculty: Kathy Kiser-Miller
Department: Humanities and Communications

Contact Information: 970-870-4489,

Teaching Philosophy: I have always advocated an interdisciplinary approach to education with practical application for students. If a student studies a subject, but does not understand how it can be applied, I do not feel they have truly learned. I attended a liberal arts college and Kathy in her living roomexperienced the positive connectedness between subjects. I enjoy creating opportunities to work with fellow instructors combining subject matter for a learning experience that mirrors life more accurately. My Master of Fine Arts Degree in Acting has helped me understand and connect research to application. I have worked professionally as an Actress in various mediums. I believe theatre helps an audience go beyond words and visualize action. The techniques used in theatre can help students in the classroom share their thoughts and reactions to help them process material and understand.

Kathy on a shipCourses and Sample Syllabi:

Academic Activities: Discipline Coordinator I- Humanities and Communications, Discipline Coordinator II- Speech, Speech and Drama Club Advisor, Trips to the Denver Center of Performing Arts, Community Performances.

Kathy with her dogPersonal Mission: My own personal mission is to explore, grow and share with others my deep sense that life is a gift full of wonderous opportunities. I try to inspire students in my classroom to learn, laugh and enjoy the rewards that education can provide. I strive for excellence and allow students to be creative, imaginative and proactive with the opportunities that are provided. If the opportunities are not available I hope to give students the courage to create opportunities for themselves by being open to new ideas and directions. I believe strongly in the phrase that "One Must Walk Your Talk" in order to be a true teacher.

Research Interests: Humanities, Theatre, Communications

Community Service: President: Steamboat Springs Kiwanis 2000-2001

Academic Service: Colorado Mountain College Faculty Senate President- 2005-06, State Chair: Humanities 2000-2001

Presentations: Community College Humanities Association, National Endowment for the Humanities, Theatre Communication Guild, Colorado Community Theatre Coalition

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