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"...the small businesses that help catalyze the recovery this time around will be started by tech-savvy professionals who start their businesses with technology investments..." - Forrester

Program Description
The success of modern business is increasingly determined by the technology competencies of business leaders. The 12-credit Certificate of Occupational Proficiency in E-Business & E-Commerce (EBC Certificate) combines business and technology topics to prepare participants for the dynamic and pervasive world of e-business and e-commerce. EBC Certificate participants will gain essential knowledge, skills and practical experience for the creative and strategic use of technology in modern technology-driven organizations and marketplace.

The program is designed as a practical, hands-on, comprehensive set of courses that focus on strategies and technologies that are especially useful for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

EBC Certificate Program Highlights  
  • Gain Practical Knowledge and Experience with a Learn-by-doing "Explore, Experiment, and Apply" Approach
  • Launch, Market, and Manage Your Own Online Business
  • Practice Strategic Technology Planning, Development, and Management
  • Communicate and Collaborate with Peers, Instructors, and Partners
  • Customize Your Program with Self-Directed Elective Courses
  • Enroll in Convenient CMC Virtual Campus Courses
  • Complete Your Program in 1 Year
EBC Program E-Commerce Partner: Use the same shopping cart software that powered the campaign stores for Barack Obama and John McCain, Volusion Ecommerce Solutions.

EBC Certificate Curriculum: Colorado Community College Common Courses and Suggested Sequence

Course # Course Description Credits  
1 CIS267* Management of Information Systems 3  
2 BUS204* Introduction to E-Business 3  
3 MAR217** E-Commerce Marketing 3  
4 MAR222* Implementing E-Commerce 3  
* Required Core Course | ** Elective Course - Contact CMC Advising Services For Self-Directed Certificate Customization Options


Why an E-Business and E-Commerce Program? Why Online?

"Rapid technological change and increased international competition place the spotlight on the skills and preparation of the workforce, particularly the ability to adapt to changing technologies and shifting product demand. Shifts in the nature of business organizations and the growing importance of knowledge-based work also favor strong nonroutine cognitive skills, such as abstract reasoning, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.

Within this context, education and training become a continuous process throughout the life course involving training and retraining that continues well past initial entry into the labor market. Technology mediated learning offers the potential to support lifelong learning both on the job and through traditional public and private education and training institutions." - The 21st Century at Work (Rand Corporation, 2004)

"Smart retailers will invest in e-commerce...it's reasonable to say that online remains a bright spot in retail."
- SmartBrief

"Merchants think e-commerce businesses are better suited than paper catalogs and bricks-and-mortar stores to survive the recession" - Shop.org

"...small retailers with an online presence recognize they are better positioned to drive sales than their brick-and-mortar counterparts facing the prospect of empty stores..." - BusinessWeek.com

"The combined sales of the 500 largest web retailers in 2008 grew nearly eight times faster than the overall market" - Internet Retailer

EBC Program Prerequisites
Participants must demonstrate acceptable proficiency levels in reading, writing, and mathematics as prerequisites for courses within this certificate. For more details, see the Academic Placement and Testing section in the Colorado Mountain College catalog.

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