Basic Composition

ENG 090  3 credits

Fall 2003

Instructor:  Rebecca Potter

Class Hours:  Monday/Thursday 10:30am – 11:50am

Location:  Bristol Hall Room 119

Start/End Dates:  8/25 – 12/11


Phone:  870-4447

Required Text: Sentences, Paragraphs, and Beyond, Brandon and Brandon

Recommended Text:  Webster’s Dictionary

Course Description

English 090 emphasizes critical thinking as students explore writing for specific purposes and audiences.  Students will develop skills required for college-level writing while reviewing paragraph structure and focusing on essay development. 

Course Philosophy and Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, students should demonstrate skills in these areas:


Paper Format:  Manuscripts must be typed, double spaced with 12 pt. font and page #’s.  Margins should be one inch.  Title pages are not necessary;  titles can be centered above the first paragraph.  Please STAPLE, not paper clip your manuscripts.

Late Assignments:  Papers must be handed in on time:  late papers will be docked one letter grade per day late (unless you receive approval from me prior to the due date).

Attendance:  Students are allowed to miss two classes.  Any absences beyond that will lower your grade incrementally.  For example, three unexcused absences will drop your final grade of B to a B-.

Grading:  When calculating your final grade, I will use the following formula:  paper #1=practice (no grade) #2=5%, paper #3=5%, paper #4=5%, paper #5=5%, paper #6=5%, paper #7=5%, in class essay =50%, grammar exercises=10%, participation=10%

Plagiarism:  Plagiarizing consists of stealing and passing off the ideas or words of another without crediting the source.  We will discuss different types of plagiarism in-class and how to avoid it.  If there are any doubts about what constitutes plagiarism, PLEASE see me.

Refund Date:  September 12, 2003

Withdraw date:  November 14, 2003

Please Note:

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act:  Appropriate accommodations will be made for all students with documented disabilities.  If you have a disability requiring accommodations in this class, please notify the instructor as soon as possible.

Course Schedule

August 25                    Introduction to class.  Course requirements.  In-class writing exercise.  How to make outlines work for you.  Introduce exemplification essay.

                                    Assignment:  Outline for essay.  Readings.

August 28                    Discuss readings.  Review outlines.  What is a thesis?  In-class writing – introductions and body paragraphs.

                                    Assignment:  Introduction and two body paragraphs.

September 1                LABOR DAY NO CLASS

September 4                Diagnostic test.  In-class writing – rough draft of exemplification essay.

                                    Assignment:  Rough draft due.

September 8                Rough draft workshop:  becoming a critic. Review comma exercises.

                                    Assignment:  Final draft due.  Comma exercises.

September 11              Essay due.  Introduce compare and contrast essay.  More comma work.

                                    Assignment:  Outline due.  Comma exercises.  Readings.

September 15              Review Outlines.  Review grammar exercises. In-class writing – compare contrast essay.  The semi-colon.

Assignment:  Intro. And body paragraph for compare/contrast essay.  Semi-colon exercises.

September 18              More work on compare contrast essay. Review semi-colon exercises.

                                    Assignment: Rough draft compare contrast essay.  Semi-colon exercises.     

September 22              Rough draft workshop for compare contrast essay.  Review grammar exercises.  Sentence combination.

Assignment:  Final draft of compare contrast essay.  Sentence combination exercises.

September 23              Final draft compare contrast essay due. Review grammar exercises. More work on sentence combination.  Writing as revision:  coming up with a plan.

                                    Assignment:  Revision due.  Sentence combination exercises.

September 25              Revision due.  Introduce cause and effect essay.  Determining case and pronoun agreement.

                                    Assignment:  Readings.  Outline.  Case and pronoun agreement exercises.

September 29              Discuss readings. Review outlines. In-class writing – cause and effect essay.  Pronoun agreement continues.

                                    Assignment:  Readings.  Essay work.  Pronoun agreement exercises.

October 2                    More work on cause and effect essay.  Review readings.  Review grammar exercises.

                                    Assignment:  Rough draft for cause and effect essay.  Pronoun agreement exercises.

October 6                    Rough draft workshop for cause and effect essay.  Review exercises.

                                    Assignment:  Final draft of cause and effect essay.

October 9                    Cause and Effect essay due.  Using adjectives and adverbs.

                                    Assignment:  Adjectives and adverbs exercises.

October 13                  Review exercises.  Revision workshop.  Review grammar exercises.

                                    Assignment:  Revision due.  Adjective and adverb exercises.

October 16                  Revision due.  Introduce persuasive essay.  Review adjectives and adverbs.

Assignment:  Outline for persuasive essay.  Readings.  Adjective and adverbs  exercises.

October 20                  Review readings.  Review exercises.  Parallelism. In-class writing – persuasive essay.                 

Assignment:  Readings.  Essay work.  Exercises in parallelism. 

October 23                  Review readings.  More work on parallelism.  More work on persuasive essay. 

Assignment:  Rough draft of persuasive essay due.  Exercises on parallelism.

October 27                  Rough draft workshop.  Grammar review.

                                    Assignment:  Final draft of persuasive essay.

October 30                  Final draft persuasive essay due.  Grammar review.  Diagnostic test.

                                    Assignment:  Grammar exercises.

November 3                Review exercises.  Revision workshop:  plan and writing. 

                                    Assignment:  Revision due.

November 6                Revision due.  Introduce narrative. Metaphors/Similes.

                                    Assignment:  Writing exercise.  Readings.

November 10              Review readings.  In-class writing exercise.  More work on descriptive writing.

                                    Assignment:  Writing exercise.  Readings.

November 13              Review readings.  In-class exercise.

                                    Assignment:  Rough draft due.

November 17              Rough draft workshop.

                                    Assignment:  Second draft.

November 20              Style workshop. 

                                    Assignment:  Final draft due.

November 24              Final draft due. Revision plans.

                                    Assignment:  TBA

November 27              .NO CLASS  THANKSGIVING

December 1                 Revision workshop.

                                    Assignment:  Revision due.

December 4                 Revision due.  In-class practice essay test.

December 8                 In-class essay test.

December 11               Evaluations.