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Faculty: Janie Swartz, Professor

Department: Communications

Contact Information: 970-870-4432,

Courses: Public Relations, Mass Media, Cross Cultural Communications, Film as Art, Native American Studies, English Composition and Speech.

Professor Janie Swartz, with Sharmute and Seiko. The Vedavoos, outside Laramie, Wyoming

Teaching Experience: Professor of English, ESL, and Communications at Colorado Mountain College. Communications faculty and advisor to the college radio station at Pennsylvania College of Technology -Penn State, 1984- 1991. Full time faculty at several Illinois community colleges, the University of Illinois, 1978-1984.

Education: M.A. in TESL from the University of Illinois, and M.A. in Communications from Sangamon State and a B.A. in English/Education from Illinois College.

Research Interest: Fascinated by the juxtaposition of cultures in the Southwest, I have visited pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona, which led to an interest in pictographs, petroglyphs, literature, art and current life on the reservations of the West, Northwest and into Alaska. I have been an ardent student at the Crow Canyon Institute in Cortez, Colorado, since 1996, and I continue studying Cross Cultural Communications and Native American studies.


western literature class
Native American Studies Class at the Edge of Cedars Museum, Blanding, Utah



students during western literature class
Literature of the West Class at the John Jarvies Ranch, Brown’s Park, CO

Personal Interests: To become even more aware of the offerings of the West, I have backpacked with my beloved canine companions, the Chilkoot Trail from Alaska to the Yukon and also the Continental Divide from Encampment, Wyoming to my home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Besides hiking, I enjoy exploring the historic rivers of Colorado and Utah by canoe or raft. During the winter I explore the backcountry via snow shoes or cross-country skiing.

The Alpine Enrichment Program: I have also developed the Alpine Enrichment Program at the Steamboat Springs Campus. The Alpine Enrichment Program (AEP) was established to offer the community and campus opportunities to enhance knowlege, spark interest, increase awareness and provide a forum for discussion on a wide variety of topics in a speaker seminar series.

Novel Ideas hopes to provide a book club like atmosphere for local readers and writers to be intellectually enriched, entertained, and to foster the appreciation of literacy with a novel discussed each month with different topics and levels of intellectual interest. If you are interested in presenting a program or being a facilitator for Novel Ideas please email or check out the web site at

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