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Learning Never Ends
A shout out to lifelong learning. May we all be chain smokers today.

April Fool’s video: Mastodons at CMC Spring Valley campus

A no-budget, quick turnaround video created with just a Flipcam, Camtasia and a green screen. 
Focus was on showcasing collaboration across Colorado Mountain College and to promote AQIP Category 4P13: employee health, satisfaction and well-being.

Digging into Course Content Using Nail Fungus
Screen capture video
A 50 by 50 teaching activity for Colorado Mountain College.

On Leaping over an iPad Sky

Video and essay
A meditation on cats, an iPad, and a poem from the 1600's.

Office of Innovations pages in Basecamp Log-in required.
Basecamp (intranet) pages for Colorado Mountain College faculty.
Contents include webinar recordings, membership and software information, faculty photos and news, video tutorials and FAQ, and best teaching practices.

Older, Flash-based projects

The lipstick is mightier than the sword
Example of Flash masking, shape and motion tween, original graphics

Appointment in Samarra
Still image: typographic abstract with audio
Created with Illustrator, Soundforge, Frank Sinatra vinyl album
Old Middle Eastern Tale, as retold by W. Somerset Maugham

Flash-based website that experiments with navigation



Additional links, sites and projects available upon request.